exMouse Is Safe, Easy to Set Up & Use

Before you hook up your exMouse, first go into your computer Device Manager and look at what is currently running.


Before Device Manager Example.


View of device manager before installing new HID

You notice under “Keyboards” you have your HID Keyboard Device running and under “Mice and other pointing devices” you have your HID-compliant mouse running.


Now let’s hook up exMouse, connect the USB cable (included) into one of your available computer USB ports. 


After Device Manager Example…


View of device manager after installing exMouse

As you can see exMouse is now connected and operating as a HID-compliant mouse under the “Mice and other pointing devices” on your computer.


That’s it, you're done!! exMouse is running and working.


Again, it’s safe, easy to set up, and does not violate any computer protocols or your place of employment cyber-security compliance policies. 


exMouse setup is “One and Done” and when you want to use your computer keyboard or mouse to do your everyday work, exMouse does not interfere; you will not even notice it’s there while you're working or when you’re computer is not in use.


If you want to disable exMouse, just disconnect the USB cable from your computer USB port.


Keeping Your Computer Awake Without Administration Rights

. . . A Must Have When Working from Home

Keep your computer awake with exMouse

Keeping Your Computer Awake Without Administration Rights