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So How Do I Keep My Computer Awake?

Using unauthorized software could result in termination

Download Unauthorized Software 


There are a few products currently available on the Internet, but please, BEWARE OF MALWARE that could be embedded within the .exe !!


Remember, you are an employee working on a business, government, or school-issued computer whereby downloading unauthorized software from the Internet could breach your place of employment computer systems, compromise its security, and expose computer hacking that will cost millions of dollars to fix. 


The question you need to ask yourself before downloading any software from the Internet; is this worth the risk of losing my job over by violating my place of employment cyber-security compliance policy and possibly be sued for the recovery cost.

Making your own HID is very challenging

Make Your Own Device


This option will challenge your creativity and end up costing you more time and money than you think….


There are gadgets out on the Internet that look cool and clever, like the one where you just place your mouse over a clock, they say it works, but when you try to re-create it, it doesn’t work.  


Or the woodpecker gadget that constantly bobs it head up and down hitting a key on your keyboard, good luck with that one !!


The common theme gadgets share is that they INTERFERE with the way you use your computer keyboard or mouse.  You have to physically set them up and take them down every time before and after you use your computer mouse or keyboard, not very convenient !!   


Solution: exMouse 


It's a unique HID device that will keep your computer awake, does not violate any computer protocols or your place of employment cyber-security compliant policies, and does not interfere when you use your computer.


exMouse does NOT download any unauthorized software from the Internet and it is NOT a USB thumb drive storage device.


Our Mission Is to Help You Keep Your Computer Awake 

We understand what you go through when you're using a computer at home issued by a business, government or school. Your computer will go into sleep or lock mode after a few minutes if you don’t press a key on your keyboard or move your mouse‚Äč. 

exMouse is Affordable with FREE Shipping

Keeping Your Computer Awake Without Administration Rights

. . . A Must Have When Working from Home

Keep your computer awake with exMouse

Keeping Your Computer Awake Without Administration Rights