People Who Work from Home Face This Problem


Do you work from Home on a business, government, or school issued computer where your computer will go into sleep or lock mode after a few minutes if you don’t press a key on your keyboard or move your mouse?


Here you are working home, perhaps doing desk-work, watching a presentation or a simple trip to the bathroom and your computer goes into sleep or lock mode. Your computer status now goes from “Active” to “Inactive”.


Places of employment do not allow employees administration rights to their computers. That means, you cannot change any of the computer settings. Also as an employee you have cyber-security compliant policies to adhere to such as, not downloading unauthorized software from the internet or use any type USB thumb drive storage device on their computers.  Any such violation can lead to termination. exMouse is fully cyber-security compliant and is just what the "work from home doctor" ordered.


ZERO dowloads or programs to install. Simply plug exMouse into your USB port.


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So Why Does Your Computer Go into Sleep or Lock Mode?



Because your computer hasn’t registered any keyboard or mouse events to stay “Active” and over a short period of time, it goes into power saving mode and locks your computer where now you have to log back in with your user id and password just to use your computer again. All while it registers you as NOT WORKING.


Technically, your keyboard and mouse are HID (Human Interface Device) devices that interface with your computer.  It’s a way your computer operating system receives instructions of work.


Did you know your computer can have multiple same HID’s connected at the same time without violating any computer protocols?  For example, you can have 2 or more mice connected to your computer, even keyboards.

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exMouse is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems

exMouse System Requirements for Windows and Mac

Our HID is safe and easy to set up and use

exMouse Is Safe & Easy to Set Up. Simply plug it into your USB Port.

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Keeping Your Computer Awake Without Administration Rights

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Keep your computer awake with exMouse

Keeping Your Computer Awake Without Administration Rights